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FAQ – How and why a player should register on MBA website?

   1.               A player who wishes to participate in any District tournament that is organized by respective affiliated
          District of MBA or represent respective District at State level tournament or represent MBA at All India
          tournaments must first register on MBA website. Only after registering can that player send entry for any
          of the tournaments described above. This new procedure will be effective from 1st July 2016 and will
           be applicable for all tournaments starting after 1st July 2016.
    2.            Entries booked through MBA website will follow the same approval procedure i.e. first District Secretary
                  will approve and then it will be available to MBA for state tournaments or for forwarding to BAI for All India



***IMPORTANT: A player must have a valid email id for registration. It is necessary as all future communication
    from MBA or respective district organization will be sent to the player on that registered email id. It is
    necessary that each player has a unique individual email ID. 

On this registered player email ID Players will also get



Read the details below to know more about filling up the Sign Up / registration form……


  1. Do you have BAI player id?

**Info: BAI-ID is issued by the Badminton authority of India (BAI). A Player must apply if he/she wants a

BAI Player ID, which is necessary for participating in any “All India” tournament. The procedure for

Applying for BAI ID is given on MBA website home page under link “Procedure for acquiring Player ID”


If player has BAI –Id then Select the Circle as YES and enter BAI-Id…. as shown in example below….

If player does not have BAI-id, select the circle as NO.

          on the registered Email ID.  ​​

2.  Please enter your BWF - ID

**Info: A player needs BWF ID if he/she wants to participate in any international badminton tournament.

    Enter BWF ID if you have one or else leave this field blank.

3.  Choose District

Select District name from the dropdown list.  District which the player shall represent.

4.  First Name        Middle Name       Last Name

Enter players name (Do not use any suffixes like : Mr ,Mrs, Sau, Ms, Smt, Ku etc.)

5.  Email Address

Email address is mandatory. Player must provide a valid email id for communication and for Logging In

(for tournament entry, withdrawal etc.)

6.  Contact number

Mobile number should be a valid 10 digits or a valid landline no with STD code.

7. Full Address

Enter players postal address along with Pin Code

8.  Club Name

Select players club. This is required information and will be used during tournament draw for club

separation. If player does not play for any club select “self”. If players club does not appear in the list user

“Other” as option and enter the new name.

9.  Gender

                Male or Female

10.  Date Of Birth

                Player’s valid date of birth as it appears in the proof of birth that is or will be submitted for associations


11.  Security code

Enter the text you see in the given box properly. Security code should be entered exactly as it appears, same

Case (capitol letters of small case as they appear) no spaces.


12.  Terms & Conditions

Player must read given Terms & Conditions before clicking on “Create My Account”. If no Terms &

Conditions are given it is understood that player agrees to follow and abide by any standard rules and

regulations that MBA insists and follows.  MBA’s Terms & Conditions may change but may not get

displayed here on the website. It will be the responsibility of the player to ensure that he/she is aware of

such changes and if not then the player should get his/her doubts cleared by contacting MBA via given

email address.


Click “back” button of browser to come back to “Registration” page where player has filled in all the



13.  Create my account.

Recheck all the information that is submitted in the “Sign up” form above and click on “Create my

account” to register. Player will see a registration confirmation page with login details as shown below..

You will receive an email on your registered email id with login details and  Password.




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